Responsible Gambling Week at Bar One Racing

Responsible Gambling Week takes place between Thursday 1st and Wednesday 7th November.

Bar One Racing, in association with the Dunlewey Centre, are delighted to be part of the industry-wide initiative to increase awareness about the importance of responsible gambling.

While this week is an excellent opportunity to talk about some of the issues surrounding betting, it’s important to remember to consider these points every time you’re having a bet.

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Only bet what you can afford

Never chase your losses. Consider the reason you’re making your bet and whether the logic is sound. Most importantly, did you plan on spending the amount you’re betting from the outset?

Set your limits for time and money

A good way of making sure you never spend more than you can afford is by setting limits on the time you spend betting and on the amount of money you spend doing so. The well-known adage of setting your limit and staying within it applies here.

Gambling is not the answer to any problem

From time to time, all of us are met with challenges in life. At no time, should gambling be considered a way in which to solve these problems. Betting is recreational and is supposed to be fun – it won’t help you escape or solve your problems.

Gambling when angry is never a good idea

As just mentioned, betting is supposed to be fun. Gambling when angry is a bad idea for a number of reasons, but particularly because you’re not thinking clearly when you’re angry. If you’re not thinking clearly you may struggle to stay within the limits you have set for yourself.

Gambling shouldn’t interfere with your personal relationships

Gambling is not more important than friends and family – most of us would agree, nothing really is!

The Dunlewey Centre

The Dunlewey Centre has organised a series of Problem gambling workshops to take place across Ireland in November this year.

Those attending will hear the helpful and insightful testimony of those who have benefited from the the Dunlewey treatment programme.

You can visit the centre’s website here

The Dunlewey workshops also focus on helping people identify problem gambling signs in themselves and in people they know.

The event is free and more information about problem gambling services will be available on the day.

For further inquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call our National helpline on +44 2890 392547, Freephone NI 08000 886 725, or ROI 1800 936 725.


Please gamble responsibly, for more information click here
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